5th- Final Round- FIGHT!

I just told my book to fk off. Its feelings were hurt and then it went back into the book bag.

My previous post about our excessive loyalties to our technology products was inspired by a blog about FIVE GUYS vs In-n-Out burgers. As expected, the blog incited a hoard of comments of useless bickering. Debating which burgers/fries are better is quite a subjective matter, but not entirely.

Personally, I prefer five guys over in-n-out. In-n-out burgers are quite good, but here's why I have five guys winning by decision by 2 of 3 judges:

CHOICE. Choice is why I have preferred android and five guys over the competition. With five guys, I can decide over a good number of toppings that I can add to my burger. You can choose from: Mayo, Relish, Onions ,Lettuce, Pickles ,Tomatoes, Grilled Onions ,Grilled Mushrooms, Ketchup, Mustard Jalapeno Peppers, Green Peppers, A.1.® Steak Sauce, Bar-B-Q Sauce, and Hot Sauce(taken from their website).

[Regarding the pricing, in-n-out burgers are certainly cheaper but the amount of meat does reflect that. A "little" hamburger from five guys will require you to fork up around $3.50 but it's certainly filling. Here's another way to see it: a whopper or big mac will cost you over 3 dollars. $3.50 does not seem so expensive for the "little" hamburger.]

Imagine a world where the car industry was down to only one manufacturer. Your choices of size are: small sedan, large sedan, and SUV (there are no hatchbacks, convertibles, motorcycles, etc.). Your colors are: black, white,and blue. There are no luxury options. That's it. Very simple and efficient. However, this hypothetical world turned out to be very boring. Now apply that world with our clothes, homes, schools, haircuts, tv shows, and so on.

Choices can feel daunting and burdening. Instead, it should be empowering. When I go to a restaurant it's almost guaranteed I will be the last one to decide. You may be surprised to find something new that can truly satisfy your appetite.

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Amy said...

hmm interesting thoughts. I have my taste/price ratio. Five guys is the winner here. Little cheeseburger All The Way!

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