5th- Final Round- FIGHT!

I just told my book to fk off. Its feelings were hurt and then it went back into the book bag.

My previous post about our excessive loyalties to our technology products was inspired by a blog about FIVE GUYS vs In-n-Out burgers. As expected, the blog incited a hoard of comments of useless bickering. Debating which burgers/fries are better is quite a subjective matter, but not entirely.

Personally, I prefer five guys over in-n-out. In-n-out burgers are quite good, but here's why I have five guys winning by decision by 2 of 3 judges:

CHOICE. Choice is why I have preferred android and five guys over the competition. With five guys, I can decide over a good number of toppings that I can add to my burger. You can choose from: Mayo, Relish, Onions ,Lettuce, Pickles ,Tomatoes, Grilled Onions ,Grilled Mushrooms, Ketchup, Mustard Jalapeno Peppers, Green Peppers, A.1.® Steak Sauce, Bar-B-Q Sauce, and Hot Sauce(taken from their website).

[Regarding the pricing, in-n-out burgers are certainly cheaper but the amount of meat does reflect that. A "little" hamburger from five guys will require you to fork up around $3.50 but it's certainly filling. Here's another way to see it: a whopper or big mac will cost you over 3 dollars. $3.50 does not seem so expensive for the "little" hamburger.]

Imagine a world where the car industry was down to only one manufacturer. Your choices of size are: small sedan, large sedan, and SUV (there are no hatchbacks, convertibles, motorcycles, etc.). Your colors are: black, white,and blue. There are no luxury options. That's it. Very simple and efficient. However, this hypothetical world turned out to be very boring. Now apply that world with our clothes, homes, schools, haircuts, tv shows, and so on.

Choices can feel daunting and burdening. Instead, it should be empowering. When I go to a restaurant it's almost guaranteed I will be the last one to decide. You may be surprised to find something new that can truly satisfy your appetite.

4th- loyalty

Alright, this will be the fourth makeup post to cover each month I have missed. Wait, I missed 5 months. Too bad. My notes are pleading me to return to studying their ever so painful and detailed contents.

This final-for-now post was named loyalty, specifically, for product loyalty. I think we take it way too seriously and can even go too far. Such examples: APPLE VS ANDROID, IN-N-OUT VS FIVE GUYS, and PS3 VS XBOX.

You can observe the fierce intensities between "fanboys" ("sheep")in blogs,youtube and other forms of online mediums. Even in my class, there are those who just blindly "love" apple products and so on. I have been teasing them for fun, but I may have created some misunderstandings about myself. This morning a friend asked me about my phone and the conversation went like this:

Friend: So do you still love your droid phone?
Me: I like it. It does all that I want it to do.
Friend: So you just like it? You don't love it?
Me: *pausing* do I need to start making love to it?
Friend: *confused by my response*

Please don't think that I'm some super awesome cool guy that's better than everyone else. I've certainly thrown fuel into the fire over these things. I wonder about my diction on past blog posts on the droid x, asus laptop,and apple. They may display that I'm also a person of being too emotionally attached to my possessions.

Nonetheless, I'll still have my opinions and conclusions on anything. Even from now on, I will continue to write about my thoughts, but my goal is to remain more objective as much as possible.

Girls vs Boys

Some of you may have read somewhere that girls tend to form groups more readily while maintaining them as well. From observing my class, I have to strongly agree. By now our cliques have formed and it's apparent that there are more solo guys that try to do things on their own. In addition, my group consists of me, a guy and the rest of 5 girls. He and I were either in and out of other attempted groups, but we eventually became assimilated into the particular girls club. My decision to join them has been a good one; we enjoy the company of each other, and we do well working together.

Other groups that really stand out are made up of mostly girls. I noticed another guy joined a different and previously all-girl group.


Since during the mid-fall semester, I've been regularly seeing "123" or similar variations (10:23, 11:23, 12:03) in clocks. I don't know what it means but it's been consistent for quite some time.

HOLY SH*t, I just glanced at the clock and it's displaying "11:23"...crazy....well it says 11:24 because I was too slow to find my phone.

I am not fabricating this, I promise. A few buddies in school think I might be losing my marbles.


Certainly, the last time I made a post was well last year before Halloween (btw, the sequel to paranormal activity was so-so overall; more of a "let's make a lot of money" than "let's do something special" kind of movie)

What's been going on: SCHOOL. it sucks up most of my free time and it is the reason I've been reluctant to type up new posts about life. I had a difficult gross anatomy test(when are they not difficult?), and more tests I should be studying right at this moment. However, sometimes you just have to say F*k it, it can wait a bit.

So instead of trying to make things interesting with events of my boring life, I thought writing about opinions or random ideas would better suit this blog...which will now commence in other posts.


Halloween Excitement

Can you feel it? Cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors, and the most wonderful part of the year: Halloween. Actually, Christmas week is my top rated part of the year with Halloween in a very close second mainly because I see a lot of family.

Damn, I just noticed I forgot to buy candy corn which is my favorite staple for Halloween. I'm not too big on dressing up for Halloween though, largely due to overprice costumes. I really want to buy this cowboy costume because it resembles a "gunner," a word our class uses. This word refers to a dental student who will not help other students in class, in hoping to just get the A's by themselves. Our class really emphasizes on helping each other succeed and get through the most challenging part of our education thus far. Lucky is the word I would describe my fortunate position in being a part of this class. Not all dental and medical schools enjoy this.

Anyways, I really like Halloween primarily on the ambiance scary themes and the effort everyone puts in. I really really enjoy scary movies. It helps too if you can bring people who you know will almost defecate their pants; that really adds to the experience. Last year,the movie to watch was definitely Paranormal Activity, and thankfully, they're releasing a sequel to this year. Holla! Now I just have to convince some girls to go, but so far they've all chickened out.

What else is great about Halloween? Oh! Haunted houses, of course. I've caught word there will be a class event on that. Additionally, there might be a class costume party to somewhere. I just have to study hard for this histology test coming up and then I can fully enjoy the festivities.

Man, I'm excited.


OW. I got "raped" by my histology test today. School has been rather rough for the past 3 weeks. Tests continuously pouncing and today was the last and most difficult one. I did well on all the other previous tests.

Could I have prevented this tragedy? Perhaps, but more likely I could have only cushioned this violation with a condom and some lube (how's the imagery?). The amount and length of detail on the exam was more difficult than I had expected. My preparation for studying wasn't my best as I have been incrementally falling behind in my readings, bit by bit. What an eye opener.

Luckily, next week is more relaxed. Certainly, the accumulated experience from the past several weeks is just a warm-up. In the future, there will be constant tests every week beginning in January. Joy. Meanwhile, I'll try and walk off this pain.

Dave Chappelle: "Man get raped..you just gotta get up and walk that shit off....caught me slippin!"